AXSport Aviation constant speed propellers are delivered complete, including blades, hub, spinner, backing plate, all necessary screws and an operating manual. Because of the many different assembly scenarios depending on the aircraft the installation and propeller set up instructions will be provided to a suitably qualified person who will perform the work.

Propeller Service Schedule

The propeller is to be maintained on an on-condition basis. The condition of the propeller is monitored by a combination of pilot monitoring during operation and regular inspection as detailed below. The propeller contains no life-limited parts.  In all cases the original propeller operations manual, or the latest one issued, is the governing document for service intervals for each specific propeller by serial number.

Operating hours Type of inspection Performed by
Before every flight Visual inspection Pilot in command
First 25, 50 and 100 hours Inspection on aircraft Qualified aircraft mechanic
100 hours / 1 year * Inspection on aircraft Qualified aircraft mechanic
1000 hours / 5 years * Overhaul Manufacturer or authorised service centre

 * - whichever occurs first


Identifying your propeller components

Hub identification - The hubs are labelled with the following details:

  • AXSport Aviation (manufacturer)
  • Propeller model designation
  • S/N - Propeller serial number
  • Date  - Date of manufacture

The model number is of the format: AX-(J/R/L)-(2/3)-(R/L)-70, where:

  • J/R/L - Jabiru/Rotax/Lycoming
  • R/L– clockwise (right),  anticlockwise (left),  from inside the cockpit
  • 70 – Blade diameter in inches

Blade identification - Each blade has a serial number label near the blade root.

Controller identification - Each controller is labelled with the serial number on the rear of the controller enclosure.  The software version is displayed on the screen on start-up.

Repair and warranty

Contact AXSport Aviation for details of repair procedures and warranty claims. Any work on the propeller must be performed by an AXSport Aviation authorised person.

Documents and Service Bulletins

  • Operators Manual – contact AXSport Aviation for a copy of the operators manual
  • Maintenance manual – contact AXSport Aviation for installation, repair and removal instructions.
  • Service Bulletins - none